The Dzuke Duffel

Today, almost all the comforts of home can be found anywhere we travel in the world. From nice hotels that leave a fancy chocolate on your pillow to campsites with electrical hookups, and warm showers. However, there is one comfort that hasn't found its way out of the house until now... At home we have a thing for every place, and a place for every thing. The luxury of organization is all too often taken for granted. Whenever we leave home for an extended period of time we stuff everything we need in a bag. Even though it's in our bag, it's inaccessible and becomes a hassle to find. This cluttered mess in a bag can keep anyone from enjoying time away from home. That's why we created the Dzuke Duffel. Simply organize clothes, gear, and food in the compartments of the Dzuke Duffel, zip, compress, and slide in bag. When you get to where you're going, hang the Dzuke Duffel in your tent, hotel closet, tree branch, or anywhere using it's patent pending hanging/compressing system, and enjoy your time away from home by STAYING ORGANIZED OUT THERE!


-The patent pending, Dzuke Duffel hangs from branches, trunk doors, canopies, fence posts...HANGS ANYWHERE!

-With a loop in the center of every tent, we're convinced tents were designed for Dzuke Duffels to be hung in them.

-Separate dirty clothes from clean.

-10" diameter for perfect fit in backpacking packs.

-Ripstop nylon makes it easy to slide in and out of pack.

-Holds belongings at a reachable distance while hammocking.

-Store paper plates, cups, utensils, and condiments at a BBQ.

-Pack in suitcase to hang in closet while on the road.


-Water resistant, ripstop nylon in red, blue, or grey.

-Holds up to 50 lbs. but no more than 25 lbs. on a single compartment

-Machine washable/hang to dry


Mini - 0.4 lbs.

Original - 0.5 lbs.

Deluxe - 1 lbs.


Mini - 27 L

Original - 45 L

Deluxe - 45 L


Mini - 10" diameter x 21" tall with 7" spaced compartments

Original- 10" diameter x 35" tall with 7" spaced compartments

Deluxe- 10" diameter x 35" tall with 7" spaced compartments


In a virtual world it's easy to overlook the importance of getting outside. Without a chance to catch a breath of fresh air, life becomes overwhelming. At Dzuke, we believe that setting time aside to appreciate, admire, and enjoy our natural environment is key to a healthy life. Our gear is designed to enhance outdoor adventures by removing distractions such as clutter to help you enjoy your time away from home.


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